Custom Recycling Stickers

Recycling the waste materials from homes, offices, hospitals, schools or other public places not only helps in preserving the natural resources but also in reducing the pollution. Recycling also helps in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and hence improves the environmental conditions to a larger extent. Use of recycling stickers is a cost effective way to make people aware about recycling of the waste materials and meeting the recycling ordinances.

Installation of recycling stickers at appropriate places will make the recycling and reusing policies known to everyone. Recycling stickers can also help to alert the people about what can be recycled and what can’t be. Use of recycling stickers also promotes different collection points for different recyclable waste materials like aluminum cans, plastics, newspaper, metals etc. is one of the leading websites that offers largest assortment of recycling stickers online. There are 32 different stock products to choose from. In case, if you do not get what you are exactly looking for, you can customize your own stickers by choosing custom recycling sticker templates available at These templates allow you to select the color, design and material for the sticker. There are 8 different templates that can be used to customize your own sticker.

Customers can also add their own images, words or recycling messages on the customized stickers. No extra money is charged for the customization process. The site makes high quality and durable custom stickers which are excellent for promoting recycling and reusing policies. Because of high quality and solid construction these custom stickers can easily withstand the harsh weather conditions.

Once the customization process is completed, you can also print the sticker on your own printer for free. provides customers the best custom recycling stickers at best prices. For more information about recycling stickers and other associated products browse through

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